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Balloosions is a Lancaster, Ohio based balloon scupting/twisting service that features a solo performer, "Joe the Balloonatic" with 7+ years of ballooning experience. Balloosions has been hosted by the Lancaster Festival, Eagle Gazette, Lancaster City Schools, and is recommended by the former LCS Superintendent, Steve Wigton. Joe the Balloonatic is annually hired by several of the local elementary schools for their spring carnivals. Joe also donates his time (and balloons) to several charities.


A family man, Joe is the father of two beautiful children, Chloe and Hayden and is also a husband to Amber, his highschool sweetheart for the last 18 years. Joe has been living in the Lancaster area for the last 20+ years and during the day, works for a label company.

For his son's birthday party, Joe learned some easy balloon animals. Studying for a few weeks, Joe dressed as a clown and tied balloons to entertain family and friends. After the party, the leftover, unused bag of balloons lay in the corner for a while. A few weeks later Joe made a random facebook message to, anyone who was reading, saying he'd be at the local mall twisting balloons for kids. Just for the fun of it. A reply from a highschool friend changed Joe's life forever. Joe was invited to perform at a local school for their Spring Carnival (without the clown getup). Joe was in love. Playing with kids, making kids smile and giggle for balloons was Joe's new obsession. Currently, Joe is well versed in Balloon Animals, and welcomes a challenge. Kids ask for some off the wall balloons. A water Buffalo? Joe studies a few hours a week, learning new creations and tries them out on his kids. His wife, can't stand the balloons all over the house. But, she's a good sport.

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